The busy schedule of weekly rehearsals is well underway in the Music Department. Fiddlesticks, our junior music ensemble, welcomed some new members from Year 2, and the Wind Band, Jazz Band and the Senior String ensembles have also enjoyed an influx of new players.

The Year 6 and Year 5 Choirs are in full swing, and Mr Hardie (our School Organist and Year 4 Choir Director) welcomed Year 4 into their first rehearsal this week. Year 3 Choir started their rehearsals right at the start of term and are making great progress already. Please encourage your child to come along to one of our choirs, particularly if they are having singing lessons either in or out of school; it really does help them enormously.

Our ‘Endangered Species’ project continues to grow. We started this project three years ago to encourage those brave and courageous children who wish to learn some of the less familiar instruments. Currently we have 2 spaces for Oboe, 2 for Bassoon and 2 also for French Horn. Interestingly, many of our children involved in this project have gone on to secure Music Scholarships at their Senior Schools.

Mr Elliott (Clarinet, Saxophone and Piano) and Mr McDowall (Flute and Drum Kit), came and talked to the Year 3 children about their instruments this week. It’s always a fun time when the pupils ‘Meet a Musician’. I hope we can encourage a few more children to start to play either the flute or the clarinet just as soon as possible.

Music Lesson Application Forms are available from Reception. If you would like your child to start to learn an instrument, please complete a form and return it to Reception (or to Mrs Arch in Pre-Prep). Places are limited so act now to avoid disappointment!

And finally, an invitation to any parents who might enjoy singing. We have a very welcoming Choral Society, for parents, staff and friends of the School which meets on a Thursday evening between 7.30-9.00 pm. There is no scary audition so if you enjoy singing, or maybe would like to join a choir (it is terribly trendy at the moment!) then why not come along and have a go.

If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me: