Parents are reminded that school policies are available on our website.

The Safeguarding Policy and the Admissions and Attendance Policy have recently been updated to meet requirements of the Independent Schools Inspectorate. May we draw your attention to the following:

• Contact will be made with home on the first day of a child’s absence if we have not received prior notification detailing the reason for his/her absence.

• It will become a safeguarding concern if a child is absent (or late) on a regular basis.

• If necessary, a home visit will be considered in order to check on a child’s welfare.

• The school is required to notify the Local Authority when a child of statutory school age fails to attend school regularly or is absent without leave for more than 10 continuous days. We are also required to consider notifying the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub if we have any safeguarding concerns about a child’s attendance patterns.