This week we have been thinking about the importance of our school value – patience!

A huge thank you, or should I say “Woof, Woof!” to all in 4J for bringing this lesson to life so brilliantly in their “TOP DOG “ class assembly today.
With the strains of “Who let the dogs out?” ringing in our ears we were transported to 4J’s very own Crufts Dog show where we watched the training of their class pet dogs.
Each test taught us a little more about how we can learn to control our tempers and frustrations.

The Agility Test
When you are faced with obstacles and difficulties you must learn to stay calm and find ways around them.

Heelwork Test
Keep your temper very close to you and don’t let it run away on a long lead, tangling people up with hurtful words and unkind actions

The Obedience Test
Make sure that you are in charge of the things you say and do. Tell your bad tempered and angry words to stop!

Good Citizenship
Bad tempered angry people are not very nice to be around; they cause trouble and hurt others; they break up friendships and can make others afraid.

We will never look at our dogs in quite the same way again and trust that we will be like a dog with a bone -persevering in our efforts to keep our tempers on a lead!

Thank you 4J, we all loved it!