When this trip is announced to the children, they often think they already know quite a lot about the city. However, we really do stop and look at lots of monuments and buildings and learn a great deal about the history of Birmingham and how it has grown from a small manor into a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. It never fails to amaze me how much building work seems to constantly be taking place: the city is always changing. The second half of the year group are due to go out on Thursday 13th October. It will be interesting to see what changes we will see then!!

Below are a couple of reports from the children:

“I had lots of fun. In this exciting trip, our tour guide gave us lots of interesting information about Birmingham’s history. I learnt so many things about the city centre and town hall. I never knew that princess Diana had opened Victoria Square and that the oldest building in Birmingham was The Crown. It was a lovely day out! “

Aruya Ahmed

“I was so excited when I woke up this morning. I was going on a tour around Birmingham. To be honest I thought I knew everything that there is to know about the city, because I have lived in Birmingham for my whole life, but I was proved wrong.

There were loads of things that Mr Braisby (our tour guide) mentioned on the trip that I never knew before. Let me give you some examples: I didn’t know that there was a square named after the famous Queen Victoria (Victoria Square), or that our very own town hall was designed to look like a Roman Temple and to be honest it looks extremely nice that way. There were lots of other things too, and it was certainly a very interesting and enjoyable trip.

Thank you, Mrs Andrews for organising it.”

Qurrathulain Ali