Since coming back to school this term, we have been taking a fresh look at our school values and seeing how important they are in making our school a happy place and helping us to build strong caring friendships.

We have been thinking about how kindness can build one another up.

On our school value board we have been building a Lego boy and girl with kindness bricks …here are some of the acts of kindness that have been happening each day.

  • Mrs Walker helped Chaplain with her display boards
  • “Tara picked up my things for me”
  • Maysoon told us that someone she didn’t know played with her when her friend was at a club.
  • Henry reported how Richard had cheered him up when he was in the House all alone.
  • “Eesaa helped me when I hurt my foot”
  • Gargi “ Kate lent me her pens when I didn’t have any for maths.”
  • Mr Nicklin helped Mrs Burns with her computer

…and there are lots more

Well done, everyone; keep it up!