The children in Year 4 had an eggxhilarating and moognificent day out at Umberslade Farm to support their Geography topic. Tractor rides, duck and goat feeding, small animal cuddling, pig and cow viewing, hen chasing, shopping and playing – no wonder we were eggxhausted by the end of the day! It was baaarilliant fun!



“It was oinkredible when Faaris was trying to teach Peppa, the pig, to dab!” (Harkee)

“I found it quacking good fun when we went to the play area because we played a great game of hide and seek tag! (Felix)

It was baaamazing when Dave the goat gobbled up the food we were giving him and left us with very slobbery hands! (Kate)

“I thought it was eggcellent when I tried to catch a chicken, but because I was scared of them, when I caught one I dropped it!” (Gargi)

“I thought that the cows were moovellous because they all had a moo-off!” (Natasha)

“The tractor ride was really bumpy, it was quacktastic!” (Chloe)

“It was a very eggciting moment when the sheep tried to escape!” (Pardeep)