Should we believe Donald Trump when he says, “My father gave me a small loan in 1975”?

What he really should have said, is that in 1978, his Dad provided him with a loan of almost $1m and acted as guarantor for his early projects.

Hillary Clinton recently claimed of him, “He never apologises to anything or anyone”. But Trump did in fact apologise for his 2005 comments about inappropriate behaviour, albeit without specifics.

What a shame these two presidential candidates were not at my Chapel Service this week! I reminded the children of the famous quote, “Three things that cannot be hidden are the moon, the sun and the truth.” We explored how lying and mistruths can be damaging. I hope the children will ignore the examples set by the US presidential hopefuls and choose to build their lives based upon truth.

For those parents who missed our Chapel Service, it can be heard in the comfort of your own home by clicking here. I must commend the Chapel Choir for their amazing anthem. Their singing was exquisite.

As the exam season continues for Year 6, we wish our girls all the best for the EHS entrance exam tomorrow. On Thursday, I met with Dr Mark Fenton, Chief Master at King Edward’s School. We discussed how we can continue to build strong links between our schools and further develop the working relationship between our respective subject leaders. This will facilitate a smooth transition for boys who select KES as their senior school of choice.

Now that I have had a good chance to see the School in action and to talk in depth with leading members of staff, I will be developing my thoughts further over half-term on how the School will continue to move forward.

This week we had Year 4 and Pre-Prep parents’ evenings. Here were opportunities to understand how well each child is settling both socially and academically into his or her new year group. We discussed and celebrated success and we looked at ways in which we can work together to enhance the children’s learning journey. As education is a triangular process involving child, parent and school, these meetings are of considerable importance.

As half term fast approaches, we look forward to Transition’s Harvest Assembly. This takes place next Monday in the Sports Centre Gallery. I would encourage all Transition parents to attend this event.

On Friday, 4th November, The Friends are holding their Firework Extravaganza. Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased via the School website. If you could spare some time to volunteer at the Fireworks, it would be greatly appreciated. These events cannot happen without an army of helpers! Click here to volunteer.

Moving on from rockets to representatives, we are on the hunt for new class reps. May I encourage all parents, especially those in Pre-Prep, to ‘light the blue touch paper’ by contacting Corinna Gregory, Chair of The Friends.

Sport – what a week we’ve had! The success continued with some excellent hockey results. The U11s won against Bromsgrove, the U9s won and drew against Hallfield, and in rugby there were some strong results against King’s Hawford. The attitude and belief of all the children, whether in teams or on the training fields, has been highly encouraging. Well done all!

And finally some staffing news, Mrs Claire Andrews, Head of Geography, will be leaving after half term. I would like to thank Claire for her contribution to the School over the years. Mrs Kyla Leeke will take over Claire’s teaching until January, when we will be appointing a permanent replacement.

As I sign off, I have just received news from Mrs Boothroyd that Ritisha Baidyaray has won the Junior Language Challenge 2016! Huge congratulations, we look forward to hearing all about her experience next week.

Thank you for your continued support.