U10A Rugby v Eversfield (H)
Monday 3 October
Blue Coat 10 – 20 Eversfield
Most Valued Player: Bradley Roberts – strong evasive running

A strong start to the season. The Blue Coat boys show great promise and are quickly learning and adapting to the new year 5 rules with the introduction of the ruck. In attack we have some determined, strong runners and I cannot fault their commitment in defence. To improve we just need to link up as a team look for that off load and run onto the ball with pace.

Scorer: Michael Draper (2)


U10A Rugby v King’s Hawford (A)
Monday 10 October
Result: Blue Coat 30 – 40 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: Michael Draper- strong running and ferocious defence.

A very competitive and exciting game of two halves, a slight slope taking effect for both teams. King’s Hawford definitely had the upper hand in the first half leading by 3 tries, getting the ball wide and using their footwork to break Blue Coat’s defence. Strong running in the second and some great support play meant Blue Coat won the second half but it was not enough to clinch victory.

A great team performance but to improve we need to spread out in attack and defence and not ball watch.
Scorers: Alex Bryans (2), Michael Draper (3), Yuvraj Kanda (1)


U10B Rugby v King’s Hawford (A)
Monday 10 October
Blue Coat 45 – 45 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: The whole team played superbly well.

This was a fantastic improvement on the previous week’s match. The tackling was much better, the team were more direct going forward and offered better support. The team raced into a 3 try lead before a brief lapse in concentration allowed King’s Hawford back into the game. Nonetheless Blue Coat led 4 tries to 3 at half time. In the second half both teams continued to trade tries and Blue Coat led with one minute to go. Unfortunately King’s Hawford managed to score with the final play of the game to ensure honours were even.

Scorers: Shayan Patel (6) Shiva Sankarakumar, Mustafa Dar, Peter Tomlinson (1)


U10A Girls’ Hockey v Winterfold (H)
Monday 10 October
Blue Coat 4 – 2 Winterfold
Most Valued Player: Lily Falahee – superb awareness of position and powerful ball pace in the D.

A competitive match for the U10As who came up against a strong tackling and determined Winterfold. The first half was a goal apiece with Blue Coat unable to get behind Winterfold and create goal scoring opportunities. In the second half, Skye Henshaw and Lily Falahee utilised space on the right side and carried with purpose.

Scorers: Lily Falahee (3), Isobella Piggott Kwofie



U9A Hockey v Hallfield (H)
Tuesday 11 October
Blue Coat 3 – 3 Hallfield
Most Valued Player: Bea Neeson- strong stick skills and working hard to pass the ball forward into space.

A very exciting and competitive first match of the season. Both teams battled hard to get the ball forward but strong defence meant both teams struggled to look up and move ball into space. Storm and Bea worked hard in the midfield to feed the ball into our attack and Lexi was well positioned to score. A great team effort and a promising start to the season.

Scorers: Alexandra Hubbard (2) Tara Ramachandran


U9B Hockey v Hallfield (H)
Tuesday 11 October
Blue Coat 8 – 1 Hallfield
Most Valued Player: Gracie Roberts – defended like a demon!

The girls put on a truly excellent performance in their first match of the season. They worked well as a team, passing the ball whenever possible. Our forwards remembered to shoot as soon as they got in the D, and our defenders were virtually impenetrable, Gracie, in particular, was extremely determined. As the match neared its end, the girls didn’t let tiredness defeat them and they continued to persevere in the hunt for more goals. Well done, girls, a performance to be proud of.
Scorer: Ojal Rao (3), Elspeth Martin (3), Chloe Liew (2)



U11A Rugby v King’s Hawford (H)
Wednesday 12 October
Blue Coat 50 – 30 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: Rohan Narayan-Hull for his excellent tackling and anticipation of what was going to happen next.

The U11A rugby side recorded its first win with a resounding 50-30 victory over King’s Hawford. A sloppy first half display saw BCS only leading 15-10 at half time, but a barnstorming 3rd quarter saw them pull clear thanks to the direct running of Fintan Dowling and the speed and power of Shai Thompson. The team showed glimpses of what it is capable of today but needs to follow the lead of Rohan Narayan-Hull who was everywhere in defence, making tackle after tackle. We need to be much quicker to support the ball carrier and run onto the ball at pace in future games. The players also need to anticipate other players’ actions so that we become more fluent as a team.



U11B Rugby v King’s Hawford (H)
Wednesday 12 October
Blue Coat 4 – 10 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: Hasan Ahmed for strong running and fearless tackling.

Blue Coat welcomed King’s Hawford for the second game of the season. As the rain started to fall, the ball was slippery and there were a number of turnovers. King’s Hawford were very strong and used direct running to power through the Blue Coat tackling. Too many tries were scored in the first half for the match to be close but Blue Coat never gave up and matched King’s Hawford try-for-try in the second half. The attitude during the second half, to demonstrate such great perseverance, was exemplary. The whole squad should be proud. We learned a lot and will do our best to get back to winning ways next week.
Scorer: Pranoy Nishanth (2), Nivid Kharwadkar, Hasan Ahmed


U11A Hockey v Bromsgrove (A)
Wednesday 12 October
Blue Coat 3 – 2 Bromsgrove
Most Valued Player: Sofia Knight

After a delayed start this was a match well worth waiting for. With a tactical choice of shooting away from the sun first we started the match well. Excellent forward play from Monique, Sofia and Amy was supported from the back with Maya and Paola keeping possession from defence. We went ahead with a great individual goal from Monique but before we knew it, we were 2-1 down. With grit and determination from all the girls and Lazara making some quality saves, we pressed on and scored another back. At 2-2 the match could have gone either way, but again our girls showed true Blue Coat spirit and tackled for every ball, with Tanya doing her job in both attack and defence. We stole the ball from a Bromsgrove attack and drove forwards on the break and an excellent finish from Sofia took us into the lead. A match which left me filled with pride for the passion and determination the girls showed. Great stuff!

ScorerS: Monique James-Thomas (1) Sofia Knight (2)


U11B Girls Hockey v Bromsgrove (A)
Wednesday 12 October
Bromsgrove 0 – 1 Blue Coat
Most Valued Player: Zoe Willcox, who didn’t miss a tackle and passed the ball with confidence and width.

It was fantastic to get the girls playing high speed hockey against strong opposition. Both teams had opportunities inside the D, with two penalty corners a piece, but shots were not clear on target.
Lizzie Wigg and Easher Kang made superb use of the width and Jessica McGuirk continued to be a nuisance to Bromsgrove as our main forward. The undefeated season continues for this fantastic group!

Scorer: Jessica McGuirk