The Travelling Book Fair rolled into Prep last week. Situated in the School Hall, the children visited during their English lessons. Brandishing their money, the children were amazed at the selection of books on offer this year. From our Year 3’s to our Year 6’s there was a book to suit every taste and not to mention the boxes of enticing stationery!  But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what the children thought:

“I think having a book fair at school is amazing because it means everyone can get their own book to read!” Simran Bansal 3Z

“It’s great having the book fair as I got to see lots of new books that I hadn’t seen before!” Ariana Ara 3Z

“This book fair is the best! I love reading!” Rishul Marrie 3Z

Thanks to everyone who supported the fair this year. We took over £1700 which means we, as a school, can claim over £1000 back in free books for our school libraries.

Well done, everyone!