There was a real air of celebration in Chapel this week as we thought about the lives of our House Saints and reminded ourselves of the saint-like qualities of their lives.

We welcomed the Year 2 children and staff to our All Saints Service to join us for the processions of our House flags, carried out with great poise by our House Captains.

The Reverend Pete Gaskell spoke about the “enormous” crowd of worshipping saints found in the book of Revelation and enlisted our help in counting and shouting in order to conjure up the biblical picture of “The loud crowd which bowed.”

Congratulations to all our probationary choristers who have received their white surplus and are now fully fledged members of the Chapel Choir. We look forward to many beautiful anthems to come!




Remembrance Service – All Welcome
Please note that the Remembrance Service will be on Tuesday 8 November in Chapel. All Prep children will need to have a poppy ready for the occasion

There will be no Wednesday Chapel Service next week.

Many thanks