Amid the sparkle and glamour of 4D’s “Pride of Blue Coat” award ceremony, we met and congratulated those ordinary children and staff who won awards for being extraordinary members of our Blue Coat family.

Nominated by their friends in 4D, they received medals for Friendship, Truthfulness, Patience and Encouragement.

4D also introduced us to some very ordinary people whom Jesus recognised as extraordinary men and women….

  • A medal for Zacchaeus, the man who humbled himself, said sorry for the wrong he had done and changed his ways.
  • The generous friend award for Mary who poured her precious ointment on the feet of Jesus.
  • The unselfish widow who gave away her one and only coin.
  • and Peter – an award for persevering. In spite of his mistakes he continued to love and follow Jesus.

Their final class poem was a wonderful reminder of how precious our friends are and how we should treasure them!

Treasure your friends.
They give your so much fun!
Treasure your friends,
Each and everyone.

Treasure your friends,
Respect what they do.
Treasure your friends,
And they’ll be loyal to you.

Treasure your friends,
With all of your heart.
Treasure your friends,
And you’ll never have to part!

Thank you, 4D: a superb assembly!