MThis week, we wound back the clock more than 100 years and connected to a moving story from World War 1. In a sober and solemn occasion for our school family, we spent time remembering and honouring those who, throughout history, have given their lives in the service of others.

I understand that, one evening in 1915, when Major John Macrae’s chaplain was called away on duty, he himself was asked to conduct the burial service for his friend, a young Canadian artillery officer, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer.
Later that evening, after the burial, John began the draft for what is now a very famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”. And so, a special thank you to Maya and Hasan for their sensitive reading of Major McCrae’s work .

In our service, we prayed for those who continue to give their lives to protect freedom and peace. Blue Coat parents Flight Lieutenant Holland and Dr Kay led our poppy wreath procession. Reverend Tucker (also a parent) spoke very movingly about the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

Our own chaplain, very much present, clearly did sterling work with 4P and 4D, producing, with Miss Patel and Miss Drage, two memorable assemblies. A great deal of time and effort went into them, and we saw some exceptional acting skills.

Tuesday afternoon saw the U9 hockey and rugby teams take to the field against RGS The Grange and King Henry VIII, respectively. In tightly contested matches both the girls and boys demonstrated a strong appetite and determination to succeed. Considering that this was only their second outing of the season, it is clear that with more game time much can be achieved.

When our Under 8s took on West House, they demonstrated some skilful touches – and smiles all round. The boys definitely enjoyed their day in the limelight and the idea of representing the school.

Wednesday saw a wonderful musical recital from Year 4. What a talented bunch they are! They all excelled and clearly showed why music is so high on the agenda here. Well done to all!

The Maths challenge for Years 3 to 5, was very engaging; the children demonstrated a remarkable ability. Thank you to Mrs Simmons for arranging this excellent academic event. It has certainly raised the profile of the subject for our Prep children.

Visiting Mrs Jubb’s classroom in Pre-Prep, I saw the children in full flow. It is clear that they are enjoying life in Year 2 , with its rich, broad curriculum. The children demonstrated industry and unwavering concentration in their studies. I look forward to shadowing all year groups over the coming weeks and months. This will provide me with an even more graphic picture of school life and a sense of how a day in the life of a Blue Coat pupil really feels.

Thank you to those parents who have enrolled their children to support us at Open Morning. I really appreciate the time given up on a Saturday morning to support the BCS pupils of tomorrow.

Finally, I would like to thank The Friends for a Firework Extravaganza that was as well organised as it was spectacular and exciting. Thanks, too, to all the staff, estates team and parents who contributed to the event. A special mention to the event leaders; Anita Poole and Rachel Smallwood. Also, can I thank Shamaela Ahmed for the mouth watering samosas.

Trump those!

And to finish on a note that is almost as serious: Week 10 sees Year 6 return to school from their residential. Please check the calendar carefully for what looks like a very busy week on all fronts.