On Tuesday morning, an historic meeting took place in the Pre-Prep library when School Council representatives from Years 1 to 6 came together for the first time for a Whole School Council meeting with Mr Neeson. The children discussed the Blue Coat rewards system and were able to air opinions of what they felt worked well and suggest new ideas in which success could be celebrated.

The children all agreed that they receive lots of rewards in different ways from all the teachers at school including stars, merits, certificates, trophies, medals and prizes. It was also a chance for the Prep children to explain to Pre- Prep School Councillors how they earn stars and merits.

In a brainstorming session, the children got creative and came up with lots of ideas including earning tokens for good work, awards from lunchtime supervisors, form awards, awards nominated by the children for each other and a buddy award. Mr Neeson also tabled a new reward which he would like to introduce, whereby pupils receive an invitation to a special lunch in the boardroom with the headmaster – knickerbocker glory-style desserts were mentioned!

We look forward to see how these discussions develop further and thank our School Council for their suggestions.