With the theme of Wind Art, Year 5 have spent two amazing days working with Stephen Whitehead, Environmental Artist-in-Residence. They have learnt about kinetic energy, wind turbines, walking wind-powered art, alongside heaps of life skills and learning styles. Here are a few comments from their sketchbooks:

‘I learnt how to cut metal successfully. I also learnt how to make and design a windmill. I also now have learnt how to make something stable.’ Haaris

‘I have learnt that it takes time to do something. You will never do things first time.’ Daleep Rai

‘I loved today’ Kiran

’I have learnt that if you make a curve (in your sail) it catches the wind better. Therefore, it will turn.’

‘Today we used lots of these things such as ‘art’ for drawing our design, science’ for thinking how to do it, and also engineering for exactly the same reason, and ‘technology for the windmill. Thank you!’ Ishana Vinay
‘I have learned that you don’t get what you want the first time and if you concentrate and then you can achieve it.’ Mustafa

‘Science – kinetics, understanding wind
Technology – building materials
Engineering – putting materials together
Art – creativity, designing, uniqueness
Mathematics – Equality, measurements’

‘I have learnt that windmills are not always big and can be made of metal combined with different things. You also need to be creative.’ Joseph Slater

‘I have learnt that lots of small materials when put together can make something really strong.’

They persevered with new tools and materials and made great strides forward when things did not work out first time. The next few art lessons will see us developing these prototypes into mini work of art for and installation in the Spring Term.

Thank you again, to Stephen for an energizing workshop!


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