Congratulations to the following pupils in Pre-Prep and Transition who have achieved Head Teacher’s Awards this week. Well done, everyone!

Week beginning 28 November

Cheerfully Trying Hard
Serena Wadhwa
Aaryan Sharma Patel
Ishaan Chatha
Siyena Begh
Jenson Fickert
Truthful and Kind
Lexi Higgs
Florence Horwitch-Smith
Peter Hewitson
Ria Upadhyay
Showing Respect
Finn Berrell
Lois Hughes
Dylan Ram
Good Work/Behaviour
Mikhail Imran
Rayan Chauhan
James Lawson-Bennett
Sammy Noble
Whole Class RM
Sabreena Townsend
Harry Stockton
Jaskiran Rai
Silas Saha
Amelia Smith
Theo Vieten-Kay
Sarika Hulait