Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. They could say that as appropriately in Birmingham as they do in Boulogne.

It’s January, and we face another crisis in the National Health Service. Again, we have a shortage of beds. Again, this is related to a paucity of social care. Again, we feel sympathy for all those who are struggling, Canute-like, to stem the tide.

Yes, in hospital terms it’s Groundhog Day, and only the extraordinary behaviour of the ‘twittering’ US President-elect tops the NHS as a news story.

Nothing so earth-shattering here, I am happy to report, but on the subject of behavioural change – albeit small – we have taken ‘a small step for man’. We are resolved that from now on, the filing out of Chapel will be done in an orderly way. And, I am happy to report that after our start-the-week Prep Hymn practice, the children observed the new edict in exemplary fashion.

One small step perhaps, but one that helps to create a sense of order and thus to symbolise the high expectations that we have for all at BCS.

On Tuesday we welcomed EHS to our first swimming gala of 2017.  I am delighted to report that our team won, swimming superbly and really contributing to this competitive event. I am excited that the School will be working with the City of Birmingham Swimming Club as we seek to maximise and develop our young swimmers.

On Wednesday we enjoyed the fruits of our hymn practice with an excellent Chapel service from our very own Chaplain, Mrs Elphinston. After their exertions during the Advent Season, the Chapel Choir were back in full voice. Their singing is testament to their hard work and dedication.

Over the course of this week, the Senior Management Team has conducted interviews, discussing Maths and English.  The children from each group were very positive about the support they have from their teachers and spoke very maturely about the way they saw their development in these key subjects. It is very important that the children are self-motivated – and that their voices are always heard and appreciated here at BCS.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing more children at close quarters and I will be getting into the classes over the coming weeks to support pupils and staff as we continue in our search for excellence.

Next week, we see the House football and netball matches as we prepare for the big start in Week 4. I don’t know about the children but my adrenalin is pumping and I can’t wait to get underway.
Please come and support your children at the many sporting and musical events here at School. We would all appreciate it.

And last, but by no means least, can I beseech you on the subject of how and where you leave your cars on the School site. Please make every effort to park appropriately and to follow the direction of the Estates team. Of course, we understand that the act of parking can be frustrating in the morning rush, but a failure to work together and act reasonably does inevitably increase the danger to our children. If you have any queries on this issue, do please come and see me.

Have a great weekend!