Do you know the meaning of Ursula or Julie? What does the name Steinway mean to you?

These were just a few of the challenging “name” questions 5R asked in our assembly this morning. Many people believe that you grow to be like your name and 5R reminded us of the importance of the name of Jesus which means “Saviour” or “The One who Saves”.

Over the next few weeks our assemblies will be finding out if Jesus lived up to the many names He was given.
5R brought their assembly to a close with a beautiful recitation of a Psalm written by King David. The words reminded us that Jesus is with us ALL the time, day and night, wherever we are living up to His name – Emmanuel God with us

You know everything I do God.
You understand all my thoughts.
You see me when I am working and when I am resting.
You know what I am going to say even before I speak.
You are all around me, caring for me and protecting me.
There is nowhere I am completely alone.
If I go into space you are there.
If I dive to the depths of the sea, you are there also.
If I went to the farthest corners of the earth you would still be there,
Leading and guiding me.
God, you are always with me

Well done, 5R.