“Knock knock
Who’s there?
I am
I am who?
Don’t you know who you are?”

Just one of the opening Knock Knock jokes of 5S’s assembly this morning.Together they helped us to think about what Jesus meant when he said, “I am the DOOR ”

They reminded us that doors say different things:

Private …Keep out   –  for special people only!
Fire exit   –  Don’t open me unless it is a fire.
Come in   –  please open me, you are very welcome to come inside.

We watched their exciting and dramatic re-telling of the story of Jonah, who, having walked through many different doors in his attempt to escape a trip to Ninevah eventually arrived there. He had been sent with the good news that the doors of God’s heart said, “Welcome …come in and follow Me”

Thank you, 5S for helping us to remember that Jesus is the door through which we can go to enter into God’s love.