Year 3 have been enthusiastically learning about Roman food in History. They have been compiling menus and during a class discussion they proved keen to sample a Roman menu as a theme day one Friday lunchtime. During their tour of the kitchen in September they were encouraged to come up with ideas. These included:

Various Breads
Black & Green Olives
Snails Cooked in Garlic
Mackerel or Sardines, Fried in Olive Oil
Chick Pea Salad
Honey Glazed Ham with Cabbage
Chicken & Leeks
Sausages with Peas & Green Beans
Carrots with Cumin Sauce
Honeyed Cakes
Water Ice
Goat’s Cheese
Dried Fruit

Thank you to Mr Gladwin and his team for making our Roman Theme Day happen this term. The children were delighted to see some of their suggestions on the menu and were more than happy for the omissions of other popular fare of the time such as oysters, lobster and dormice!