All Stars Cricket Programme

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has launched the first nationwide entry-level participation programme for cricket, with the aim of getting 50,000 boys and girls excited by the game.

A new generation of families will be introduced to cricket through All Stars Cricket, a major new grassroots initiative which starts in May.

All Stars Cricket will be delivered at local cricket clubs and centres across England and Wales throughout the summer, giving five to eight-year-olds their first experience of the game.



Year 5 Girls’ Netball House Matches
St. Margaret’s v St. Monica’s
Monday 27 March
Result: St. Margaret’s won both matches 4-0 and 4-2
Most Valued Player: Melissa Carson for excellent defence and attack.

The games started off rather scrappily, with the girls crowding into each other in their keenness to get the ball and there were a lot of dropped and failed catches. However, by the second quarter they realised that in order to get the ball, they needed to be in positions where they could receive passes. Hannah Boumenjel worked hard in defence and also scored a goal when she changed bib into attack position, Karolina Rarko also put a lot of effort into her match and was able to be almost everywhere at the right time. Rebecca Broome never gave up in defence and the girls had an opportunity to change positions around in order to make the most of their teams. St. Margaret’s, however were the dominant teams,especially with Melissa onside as centre and with Megan Collyer putting in good footwork and quick reaction passes.

Scorers: Arianna 3, Karolina 1, Hannah and Sayuri 1 each, May 4 and Megan 1



U10 Netball House Match
Monday 27 March
St. Monica’s 5 – 5 St. Margaret’s
Most Valued PlayerS: Sophie Reason – excellent defence, Gabrielle Estridge-Whyte- tight defence

A very competItive and exciting house match. Both teams worked hard to get the ball down the court and strong shooting by Ritisha Baidyaray and Lily Mobasher kept the scores ticking over.
Played in excellent spirit, well done, girls!



U10A Netball v EHS (A)
Monday 27 March
Blue Coat 9 – 1 EHS
Most Valued Player: Poppy Couzens

With plenty of time to warm up and prepare for their last match, the U10 girls were ready and fixed on the task in hand. They have come such a long way over the term and look like they will be promising netballers over the coming years. The work ethic of the defence was fantastic, seeing Sareena, Neave and Prisyn work the ball up through the centre court into attack. Lovely dodges were made by Poppy and Anne-Laure and with the use of Skye’s height in the shooting circle we became too difficult to mark. We finished them off with some amazing goals scored from far out from Lily, which meant other than their one consolation goal, EHS were left wanting. Excellent end to a great term.


U10B Netball v EHS (A)
Monday 27 March
Blue Coat 4 – 2 EHS
Most Valued Player: Emma Burns

With plenty of time to prepare, the girls made good use of court time. They started off confidently and moved the ball around the court well with good passing between Gracie, Amulya and Emma. It was a good start as we went into the lead and with Bryneet being moved into defence we looked strong. Isabelle and Isabella were consistent with their defending and Willow’s powerful jumps to intercept the ball. Sascha and Kiran took turns with shooting and we finished with a win. A fantastic team display for all the girls. Well done!