Year 6 pupils have returned for a Summer term with a difference. Working with Hi-Impact consultants, they have been planning Blue Coat’s first foray into space!

This exciting adventure has involved the children in flight prediction using algorithms, craft design including slow motion crash testing, creating a temperature sensor with Arduino computers, Mission Patch design and even a live webinar with Dr Steve Croft, an Astrophysicist at the University of California, Berkeley.

On Wednesday a sample balloon was inflated on the front lawn and Year 6, along with some of the Pre-prep children, were able to feel the force pulling on the helium balloon and imagine how quickly it would go up if released. Luckily this one was tethered to the ground so no pupils were lost in the exercise!

On Friday morning a group of pupils travelled to Welshpool in Shropshire to launch the balloon with cameras and scientific equipment attached, in an attempt to find out what Near Space looks like. They were able to photograph the Earth from over 30 km above its surface. Back at School staff and children at Mission Control were able to follow their progress via a live video link.