This particular cohort have many qualities, and chief amongst them must be their immaculate sense of timing.

Just when our beloved party leaders have given up finding anything new to say, and have started to promise anything and everything in the silly season of election campaigning.

Just when the unlovely Chelsea have bought their way to another Premier League title.

Just before the summer rain began….off they went, last seen escaping into the undergrowth, all laughter, skipping along without a care in the world…

Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m referring to our Year 5 children as they headed off to their Bushcraft residential under the stars.

These trips are important for building resilience, independence, and most importantly developing strong friendship bonds. How did they originate, you ask? Well, I don’t know, but I do know that there is no truth in the rumour that they were named after American President George W. After all, ‘Bush’ and ‘Craft’ could never seriously make up a portmanteau word!

Joking aside, when visiting the camp on Tuesday, it was wonderful to see the children in typically ebullient spirits. Anybody would think the election was done and dusted! The staff too, were on excellent form, really enjoying looking after the children in a different setting.

On Tuesday, Buttons Nursery celebrated a wonderful Chapel Service with Chaplain. The children were a real credit to themselves, the staff and the School. I salute them for enduring the long toddle to Chapel. For a two or three-year-old it must feel like a marathon. Well done to all!

The Prep children were given an interesting talk by Mrs Fearon from Birmingham City Mission. She revealed how the Mission supports the people of Birmingham less fortunate than ourselves. It is important to be grateful for the opportunities we have within our community here at Blue Coat.

In the past week, we have played rounders and swimming with some fine performances, but sadly the rain has played havoc with much of our fixture list. Please read our sports reports for the highlights of the week. We wish our U11 girls all the best as they go to the Condover Hall Netball Tournament over the weekend. The girls have been in fine form this season and want to finish on a high. I cannot let the moment pass without also congratulating our young swimmers on a fine display at the Year 1 Gala.

Our incoming Deputy Heads Mrs Palmeri and Mr Newman have been visiting us and making preparations for September. It was great to see them and discuss our plans for the new academic year. I am hoping to arrange a time for parents to meet them in June, where you can grill…..sorry… them!!

As we approach half term, can I remind you to ‘save the date’ for the Friends’ Summer Fête on Saturday 17 June. Please come and support the event – and soak the Headmaster!

Which reminds me, Mrs Neeson, where are my bathers?