U8,U9 Girls’ Swimming v EHS (A)
Tuesday 16 May
Result: Blue Coat A + B combined points – 1st
EHS A and B combined points – 2nd
Most Valued Player: The whole team

A closely-fought gala with the Blue Coat girls dominating most of the races. A superb performance from the whole team, especially the Year 3’s who put everything into practice without nerves but with eager determination.



U8 Rounders House Matches
Thursday 18 May
Most Valued Players: St Monica’s – Anya De, Priyamvada Agarwal. St Margaret’s – Ariana Ara, Aqueelah Hussain

A fantastic afternoon of House matches.  The girls enjoyed 2 games of rounders, batting off the tee in the first innings, then hitting a bowled ball using a tennis racket in the second. All the girls are developing their skills both fielding and batting and beginning to understand the rules of the game.

Mrs Roberts’ Group
St Monica’s 9.5 – 8 St Margaret’s

Miss Crews Group
St Monica’s 9.5 – 12 St Margaret’s



Year One Swimming Gala
Thursday 18 May

The children were excited, able and well prepared for their first gala here at Blue Coat. Each child was placed in a like ability race and performed with enthusiasm, tenacity and a fair amount of competitiveness. Parents were certainly vocal in their appreciation of the children’s talents and this served to bring the best out of the children both performance wise and in excellent behaviour. The gala rounded off with individual class demonstrations of a small number of water skills and I know that everybody is as proud of the children as we are!

Well done to all competitors.