Year 6 have enjoyed a super Graphic Design Workshop this week, looking at the psychology of marketing (would Apple sell as many computers if the logo were a cigarette? Is O2 really as good for you as the air that you breathe?)

They learnt heaps of graphic design skills to do with colour, layout, typography and IT. Using ipads and the Sketchbook app, they completed exciting artwork, relating to their memories of Blue Coat, which will now be used in their DT project.

Rebecca Emery, our visiting Graphic Designer, was impressed by the standard of the Year 6s. After looking carefully at all their work, she has chosen the following children to receive Graphic Designer Certificates.

6B Lazara and Umar 
6G Katie and Henry 
6I Ryan and Amrita 
6H Avneet and Krishan 

Well done to all who worked so creatively!
Here are just a few of the children’s comments:

“Today I learnt that you can’t always express yourself through words. Art can be an easier alternative. Also, I have a new-found interest in graphic design: I may download the app!” – Umar Ahmad

“Today I learnt that in art you can see the emotion in the piece. I also really liked the way ‘Sketchbook’ allows you to layer images and add cool effects! I would definitely recommend this to people who like art!” Eesaa Gafar

” I really enjoyed today and I think I have improved a lot with my graphic design!” Jessica McGuirk

“I really enjoyed Graphic Design Day because it gave me a chance to be creative with technology.” Easher Kang

“Today has been an amazing day – I have loved the project. This was a wonderful experience for me. It is an excellent way of remembering memories!” Nitara Sharma

“I have learnt that the layout, colour and font of text is very important in Graphic Design. For all of this work you also have to be very creative. I liked it as there are so many things that you can do.” Roshan Bahia

“I liked the way we were allowed to really do our own thing.” Monique James-Thomas

For those who want to continue practising these skills, this particular app is available from the App store for  around £5.99 – ‘Sketchbook’.