There we were, fingers-crossed that the weather would hold out, and that the opposition would have been up all night watching David Dimbleby assessing those election results… And then, at the eleventh hour, we heard that too much rain had already fallen, and that the Harborne Cricket Club pitch was not fit to stage the match of the weekend – the Staff XI v the Dads.

What a disappointment. A bit like anticipating a thumping majority and then finding out that the other lot have turned the tables and tossed you out of parliament.

With England already comfortably through to the semi final stage of the ICC cricket tournament, they are in a no-lose situation. Still, tomorrow’s Edgbaston match down the road against Australia will doubtless have plenty of edge, and now qualifies as the Match of the Weekend.

Of course, nothing can surpass the Poms whacking the Baggie Caps, but I would swap a narrow defeat (and a ton from Jason Roy) for a series win in this winter’s Ashes.

On a much more serious front, not a week goes past without a serious act of terrorist aggression. Inevitably, the theme of security has dominated political debate. In the meantime, all we can do is be as vigilant as possible.

You will have noticed that security has been stepped up for the Summer Fete. If you are driving to the event, please collect a parking permit. A lot of hard work has been put into this event so please do join in the fun and support if you possibly can.

School has been busy with visiting speakers at chapel, cricket and rounders matches, not to mention music recitals. All these activities are part of the rich tapestry which make up a Blue Coat education.

Year 4 headed off to Colomendy for their residential trip. Judging by the blog and pictures that emerged from North Wales, the children are developing skills of independence, teamwork and resilience – all key attributes as they gear up for Year 5.

Back briefly to politics. It is so important that children understand their responsibility in our democratic process. We held our own election here on Thursday with the children voting for one of four possible choices for a Theme Day in the Dining Room. How maturely they approached the polling. And the winning meal was Build-a-Burger!

Next Monday Pre-Prep start their Robot Week, and we have a very special guest coming to visit! We will have a review in next week’s Update. Prep also have a Theme Day on Tuesday based around science and critical thinking. It all looks very exciting and will be taking learning to a new level.

Mrs Redfern and the Year 6 children are really ramping up the preparation for their Curiouser and Curiouser production. Please keep an eye out for tickets going on sale shortly.

Finally, by way of understatement, the next few weeks will be rather busy. The calendar is packed with sports days and other events. Your support and time is greatly appreciated by the staff and children.

As for me, this weekend I will swap bat and ball for far less dangerous activity, a gentle golf fourball. Not as taxing, perhaps, but demanding of under-used muscles. After all, it’s been a while…

So, if you see a grey figure waving his arms about stiffly on Monday, it may not be a metallic man imported or even manufactured by the Pre-Prep for Robot Week. No, that will be yours truly – still not having fully recovered from such rare exertion, and desperately working on refinements to the swing!