Years 3, 4 and 5 were taken on a journey on Tuesday. Not through time and space (too easy), but through the mysteries of our brilliant (but dodgy) brain.

As a preparation session, Hi-Impact had suggested the children construct a ‘brain hat’. This simple card 3D diagram mapped the parts of the brain. With careful cutting and sticking, all children could make a representation of the fantastic processing unit that is responsible for every other staggering processing unit we all possess and rely on. Time to face the facts.

The human brain is quite the most remarkable machine. It is not only able to create remarkable things, it is also able to be aware that it is doing so. Nothing we have created is able (yet) to do that.

Bob Pritchard, from Hi-Impact, took the children on a journey that celebrated, explained and amazed. He talked to us about how we are able to function, reason, sense and be aware that we are doing of all these things.
Whilst celebrating the power of the human brain, he also showed us all how dodgy our brains can be. Good memory? Take a simple test! Believe what you see? I wouldn’t if I were you? Trust your senses? Try the rubber arm test? Look at something long enough! You shouldn’t believe your eyes!

Bob managed to prove that our brains are brilliant and flawed. Capable of staggering creativity one minute, utter stupidity the next. At the same time! Always! Whether we like it or not!
Higher order thinking? You bet! The quicker we know ourselves, the better the future will be.

Ain’t science grand!



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