The following children have been nominated for having shown the Blue Coat Values at School this week.

They joined Mr Neeson on the Golden Table in the Dining Room for a special lunch today!

Arya Vemuri for being a kind, caring and supportive friend

Zahid Ahmed for overcoming fears and getting fully involved

Glory Benjamin-Raj. She is the kindest girl ever, both to pupils and staff.

Oje Akhibi  – for always persevering and having a positive attitude!

Lizzie Wigg– Cheerful happiness and working hard

Jessica McGuirk – Being helpful.

Sayuri Knox for being a great friend

Aryan Massey Arora  for perseverance and respect shown in RE and English


Pre-Prep children also sat at the Golden Table and we congratulate the following:

Polly Paton – super friend to everyone

Max Chen– impeccable manners

and …

Toby Smoldon

Karman Khatkar

Bilal Ali

Maya McCracken

Tom Cowley

Jacob Romano

–    who were all nominated for showing an exemplary approach to following The Blue Coat School Values.