What, you may ask, did Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Yours Truly have in common during the past few days? Well, we both found ourselves addressing groups of people far younger than ourselves, and naturally hoped that our very different audiences hung on every word.

Whereas new folk-hero Jeremy (accompanied by ‘deputy-head’ John McDonnell) put his message across to tens of thousands of paying and baying patrons, in the heady haze of Glastonbury, I was able to talk quietly to a captive audience of children, for whom the customary Somerset mud might be a greater attraction than heavy rock!

Yes, this week I have thoroughly enjoyed the totally apolitical Transition and Reception Thanksgiving assemblies. The children – may I call them Neesonistas?! – have certainly grown in confidence and are proud of their achievements. I would like to thank the staff and parents for all the support that they give to the children.

On Wednesday we said goodbye to one of our Governors, who is moving on to pastures new. Canon Stewart signed off with a typical witty and engaging Chapel service, which was attended by many. His support and advice over the last year has been invaluable. He will be missed not only at School but in our community.

I enjoyed going to Hallfield this week to watch the Under 9 rounders where some impressive skills were on display. Miss Crews’ manner and support of the players is first rate; the girls have clearly gone from strength to strength under her watchful tuition.

Also, on the cricket front, there has been some good development and the boys are becoming more competitive. With a Test Series between Joe Root’s men and the Springboks about to get underway, I hope that our young players will take any opportunity to watch. Coaching is great; imitation is not far behind.

The Year 6 production of Curiouser and Curiouser took place this week. The children gave a wonderful performance last night and displayed great talent on the stage. I am certainly looking forward to another scintillating evening tonight! Thank you to Mrs Redfern and all the staff and children for their hard work on this production.

Finally, I would like to mention the noise and behaviour of the children as they move to and from the houses. This has been some way below par recently. I have asked the children to walk quietly and I’m pleased to say that pupils are now getting to classes promptly and more maturely. As parents you have expectations of me and of the standards at School. This measure will promote more effective learning and help children and staff to be ready for the academic challenges of the day.

With every best wish.