This morning 3E gave us a fantastic lesson in the three R’s …NO! not reading, “riting” or “rithmetic” but rather, Resist, Refuse and Run. They helped us to think about what Jesus meant when he taught us to pray “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

We were challenged to decide what we would do if we had the opportunity to cheat in an exam by looking at the paper: would we …
PEEK at the answers?
TELL a teacher?
SILENT Stay silent?

The answers were discussed and it became obvious that this was a temptation not easily resisted!

Thank you, 3E for such a beautifully presented and thought provoking assembly.  When tempted, we are all going to try and remember the three R’s…. Resist, Refuse and Run!

Well done and thank you

A special thank you to Mr Finglas for his help with the technology!