The following children have been nominated to have lunch at the Golden Table this week:

Mayha Sonsati for quietly persevering and never giving up.

Milo Dowling for being co-operative, conscientious and polite.

Holly Willson for being kind and thoughtful to her friends and helpful in class.

Evan Tomlinson for being one of the kindest and most hard working children in Year 3.

Alex Forty for working diligently in English Study Skills and for always being polite.

Amulya Maganty for showing kindness to others and working hard.


Pre-Prep children also sat at the Golden Table and we congratulate the following:

Sofia  Peerbux
Anaya Murphy
Dylan Ram
Ashal Ahmed
Silas Saha
Antonella Ottengo
Alexandros Constantinou
Joshua Wood
Aleena Sheth


–    who were all nominated for showing an exemplary approach to following The Blue Coat School Values.