The countdown was over and the big day had finally arrived! Two coaches, filled with extremely excited children (and staff!) made their way to the National Space Centre in Leicester, with everyone eagerly looking out for the 42m Rocket Tower to let us know that we had made it.

We started our adventure by exploring galleries with interactive activities about being an astronaut and what life is like in the International Space Centre. Did we have the skills needed to be an astronaut of the future? Could we control the hydraulic chair that simulated the jetpacks, requiring precision control (and slightly longer legs for some children!)

The 360 degree full dome planetarium was definitely a favourite, as we reclined and travelled into galaxies and solar systems – no time for snoozing, as we felt the sensations of flying through space.
The rocket workshop showed the talents of many, as they carefully considered the aerodynamics of their designs and then launched them towards the moon using a high powered air pump, complete with red launch button and a dramatic countdown for everyone.

A fabulous time was had by all and the children were a credit to the school with their behaviour, manners and brilliant enthusiasm! The only problem was that we didn’t want to leave!



Some comments from the children:

“It was the best school trip ever, that I will never forget!”

“One of my favourite parts was the Planetarium – a 360 degree full dome cinema experience about the galaxy!”

“It was overwhelming because it felt so real and I felt exuberant!”

“We travelled right through a star and it made us feel like we were really in space, as we were almost lying down in our relaxing chairs!”

“I simply loved going to the planetarium where we were told the fascinating story of how the stars are made.”

“We saw a real rocket in the 42M Rocket Tower and stepped inside a space suit! Tim Peake had been there and there was so much to see and learn.”

“I loved Tranquility Base: this is where you could do tasks to see what you needed to do when being an astronaut – he needed more food than I thought!”

“The hydraulic space chair was amazing!”

“I really enjoyed going to the Rocket Workshop. Sadly, the one I made didn’t reach its destination and sailed right past the moon!”

“Sadly, all good things come to an end, but I enjoyed our trip immensely and would highly recommend it to my friends and family.”

“Finally, my last special moment was when I heard my friends calling, so I drew back a large black curtain, walked into the darkness and saw an amazing model of thousands of spinning, glowing stars in the darkness – awesome!”


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