On Wednesday, four Year 4 mathematicians – Kavya, Liang Yu, Zuhair and Ojal – went to King Edward’s School for a day jam-packed with maths.

To begin, the children competed against teams from twelve other prep schools in the King Edward’s School Year 4 Maths Challenge. After a few warm up activities, the competition began. First, the children completed a crossnumber where they worked together to solve as many clues of a challenging mathematical crossword as they could; this was closely followed by a relay race which involved solving mathematical puzzles and a lot of sprinting up and down the school hall! Luckily and surprisingly, there were no major collisions.

After a delicious lunch, the children took part in a fun and inspiring Maths lesson, taught by one of the KES teachers. The children played a variety of games to assess how much winning depends on having a good strategy or whether it simply involves luck.

The final event of the day was a highly entertaining talk from Kjartan Poskitt, the author of the ‘Murderous Maths’ series. Kjartan entertained the audience with funny stories and amazed them with a variety of mathematical magic tricks.

At the end of the day, it was time for the results and presentation of prizes. After much anticipation, Kavya, Liang Yu, Zuhair and Ojal, were crowned Year 4 Maths Challenge 2017 Winners and proudly brought back to school The Borcherds Maths Challenge trophy.