The following children have been nominated to have lunch at the Golden Table this week:

Ben Carberry – for being kind, enthusiastic, hard-working and encouraging others.

Jia Samra – for sheer perseverance and determination to do well in everything, even subjects she finds very challenging.

Ishana Vinay – for showing true friendship during Sports Day.

Wilf Kane – for showing BCS values and support during Sports Day.

Esa Yaqoob – for showing kindness and respect to others.

Ryan Raeiszadeh – for showing kindness and respect to others.


Pre-Prep children also sat at the Golden Table and we congratulate the following:

Trystan Vlok

Tamara Porter

Isaac Soundy

Aatika Chaudhry

Arya Madhavan

Lucian Lau

–    who were all nominated for showing an exemplary approach to following The Blue Coat School Values.