This term we have an action-packed Chapel schedule and hope that you will join us for as many occasions as you can.

Weekly Chapel is now on Fridays at 8.35am, followed by refreshments in the Boardroom. Everyone welcome!  Please see the School calendar and weekly Update for all the information you need about who is coming, special services, and the occasional change of venue.

New choristers
Today we were delighted to welcome the Year 5 choristers who will spend the next few weeks learning the ropes of Chapel Choir before receiving their white choir surplus on Friday 3 November during our All Saints Service.
Well done to you all, and we look forward to many beautiful anthems to come!

Shoeboxes Appeal
We will be collecting and filling shoeboxes again for Operation Christmas Child and hope to beat last year’s record of 453 boxes!

PLEASE KEEP YOUR EMPTY SHOEBOXES or ask at your nearest shoe shop for one! If you have any spare, please hand them in at Reception for Chaplain! Ready-made boxes will also be available to purchase.
Shoebox leaflets and more details will be given out shortly. You can always visit the Operation Christmas Child website for more details Operation Christmas Child

Chapel Theme “ How strong is your heart?”
During our Friday Chapel services and our School assemblies we will be finding out how we can grow and develop strong hearts.  As we follow the life of the Psalms and King, David, we will see that God looks for an inner strength – strength of heart in those he chooses to be leaders.  Our assemblies will be “work out time” as we find out how we can develop the inner strength God is looking for.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible each week!