The storytelling skills of 6R were very evident this morning as they presented our Friday Chapel Service on the difficult theme of Mercy.

We listened to the intriguing tale of the skilful jeweller who transformed the scratch on a precious ruby into a beautifully engraved picture of a rose. In the right hands mistakes can be made into something beautiful.
Mrs Redfern’s flock of sheep acted out their unique version of The Good Shepherd, giving us the challenge of choosing from a number of alternative endings.

We were reminded that Jesus chose the ending that extended mercy to the wandering lost sheep.

Each class left Chapel complete with their own class rose as a reminder that…………..

MERCY MAKES SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL or GOOD from our mistakes or the mistakes of others.

Thank you too, Chapel choir for the sensitive singing of our morning’s anthem, “The Lord’s My Shepherd.”

Well done 6R! A brilliant way to start this year’s class assemblies.