On Thursday 5 October, 11 excited Y5 pupils and I went to KES for an author visit. The writer was Joe Craig, author of the Jimmy Coates series, which is the book we are studying in Miss Drage’s Book Club.

First Joe told us the backstory of how he started writing. This included some highly entertaining – although not entirely true – tales involving Swiss mountains, French ladies and unconscious fathers! There were also stories involving near-death experiences, ice-cream and Harry Potter!

Joe Craig likes music. He played some blues for us and told us he used to play the trumpet professionally (also not entirely true). We asked him lots of questions and he answered them. I asked Joe why he called his main character Jimmy Coates. He replied that it was because Jimmy Coates has the same initials as him.

There are lots of JImmy Coates books in the series. We are reading Killer. Other ones are Blackout and Revenge.

It was great to meet Joe Craig and we are enjoying Book Club!

Emma Daniel