Pre-Prep Harvest Thanksgiving

Many parents, grandparents, family and friends squeezed into Chapel to enjoy a very lively Harvest Celebration.

My thanks to Mrs Evans for all her hard work in preparing a feast of Harvest songs for the children to sing, including “A Farmer’s Life for Me” sung enthusiastically by Reception and “Thank you Lord for the Harvest.” beautifully sung by the choir.

We enjoyed the poems and dramas of the Year 2 children as they reminded us of the hard work of the people who grow and prepare our food and of the joy of sharing it with others . Well done, Year 2.

A big thank you, to the teachers and parents who competed so enthusiastically in Chaplain’s “Giant Sandwich Making” competition: a reminder that sharing with others makes us winners!

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone for the large harvest of food brought into school and the Harvest Service Collection which will all be donated to the Karis Neighbourhood Scheme. Thank you to those who have filled shoeboxes too.

Many thanks to you all.



Transition Harvest Thanksgiving

This was a real treat and thoroughly enjoyed by many Transition parents and grandparents.

The children were delightfully enthusiastic to be participating in their Harvest celebration as they helped Chaplain to unpack her special Harvest Sack and make some unique fruit and vegetable awards: 

A prize for the water melon for being so big;
A prize for the grapes for being the fruit you can share so easily; 
and a prize for the sweetcorn for being so clever in changing itself into popcorn!

There were many smiling faces and waving arms as the children sang their special Harvest Songs…. the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow being quite a favourite!

After hearing the story of the little boy who shared his packed lunch with Jesus, we thanked God for providing our food each day and thanked Him that we can share our harvest with those less fortunate than ourselves.
My thanks to Mrs Whitehouse and our Transition teachers for preparing the children for such a lovely occasion.

Many thanks to all who have helped to bring in such a bumper harvest ready to donate to the Karis Neighbourhood Scheme.

Well done, Transition!




Prep Harvest Thanksgiving Service

Happy Christmas at Harvest time!

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and time in making 483 boxes this year.

Both people and shoeboxes were packed into chapel for our Prep Harvest Celebration. A huge thank you to Rev Jonny Lee and his Minion friends for reminding us that if you sow “despicable” things you will reap “despicable ” things, but if you sow goodness, kindness, patience, compassion and love, in time you will reap a wonderful harvest.

A special thanks to Mr Nicklin, Mr Hardy and the Chapel Choir for the beautiful singing of Haydn’s anthem, “The Heavens are telling the Glory of God.”and to Miss Pardoe and the Year 3 choir for their fabulous rendition of “ Beautiful World” by Paul Field, complete with keyboard and drum accompaniment,  thank you Mr McDowall.

The Year 5 & 6 drama group are to be congratulated on their creative reading of “So Sow”, Bob Hartman’s version of the parable of the sower. I am sure he would have been delighted by what we heard and saw.
Thank you. Our prayers were sensitively led by Ibrahim and Amulya, our Deputy Head Boy and Girl and we thank Mrs Lynn for all the wonderful Harvest decorations in Chapel.

Once again the Blue Coat family’s generosity has been overwhelming…a rich harvest indeed!

My thanks to you all