The last ten days have seen Blue Coat in all its glory with Prep, Pre-Prep and Transition enjoying wonderful assemblies to celebrate Harvest. It was lovely to see so many friends and family come to support the children on these very memorable occasions. I must thank Mrs Elphinston for all her hard work in preparing these wonderful family events; these Harvest celebrations were the perfect ending to a productive Half Term.

This Half Term has seen many thought-provoking themes in Chapel; the children have been challenged to consider having a strong heart and making good choices. Last Friday I had the pleasure of preaching the theme of reaping what you sow, something which is a challenge for us all in modern society.

And so, with the themes of sowing, reaping and Harvest in mind, I have created an anagram quiz for all pupils up to and including Year 5 (Year 6 will have their opportunity later on). Organise the letters of the following six words to find fruit and vegetables that are picked at harvest time (younger children can ask Mum and Dad for help if needed):

paplse, reaps, kinpumps, sharides, topatose and gettecours

Send your answers as quickly as possible to; the Governors tell me that I can offer a small edible reward for the first person to email back!

This week I was enthralled by the excellent teaching of Mrs Ayub (Head of English). Her Year 5 class were engrossed and inspired by her passion for English. She challenged the children to think about language. ‘Macbeth’ is not an easy script for 9-10 year olds, but the children showed a great enthusiasm and desire to achieve. Clearly, with this flair, the English at BCS will continue to go from strength to strength. I look forward to visiting other teachers and years shortly.

So now, a Half Term quiz question for all those in Year 5, who have been studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth over the last two weeks:

When, in the early part of The Scottish Play, the King says to one of his loyal followers:

“I have begun to plant thee, and will labour
To make thee full of growing.

The reply comes as follows:

There, if I grow, The harvest is your own”

Again there will be a small edible reward for the first person to email back with the speakers of these quotes! Just email your answers to

Last Thursday we had our first Prelude Concert and, as expected, the standard was very high. With the emotion that the children brought to their performances, it was no surprise to see a few tears shed by parents. Well done to all.

Well done also to the children who participated in sport this week and last. Again there were a number of high octane performances that should be commended. During Half Term we will have our first ever BCS hockey camp on the Astroturf. I am sure this will be a firm fixture in the calendar in the future.

Finally, congratulations to Year 6 for their hard work and determination over the course of this Half Term. I am sure they will get to the schools that will serve them well in the future and allow them to flourish. Only a few entrance exams to go next month….

Happy holiday everyone!