Both Prep and Pre-Prep delivered some wonderful assemblies this week on the theme of Remembrance.


On Wednesday Class 1F shared stories about being brave in their class assembly. Some of the children talked about times they had been frightened and how they had faced their fears to become brave and courageous. The Philistine giant ‘Goliath’ faced the Israelite ‘David’ in a duel during the re-telling of the well known Bible story of David and Goliath…and we all know who was the bravest warrior out of this dynamic duo! The story highlighted the fact that we all have a choice to make when we are frightened or scared; we can run away or we can stay, face our fears and be brave. Some children explained why we wear poppies each November and how it is important to remember the bravery of soldiers who died during World War One and in other wars since then. We all reflected on their bravery and gave thanks in prayer.

Mrs Fletcher-Jones


Thank you to 6W for a beautifully led assembly on Thursday. We learnt how horses, camels and donkeys all played life-saving roles in wartime. We listened to just a few of the stories from soldiers who owed their lives to the devotion and skills of their animals. Well done 6W and your furry friends!

The Chaplain