It was a significant week in Russian History as 100 years had passed since the October Revolution.  As a result, two events were scheduled into the BCS calendar on the day of the revolution itself, 7th November.  Firstly, Year 6 were introduced to the topic by Mr Newman who focused primarily on the root causes of the revolution.  Mr Newman was very impressed with the listening skills of the pupils, and was even more thrilled the next day when Maya Kapil proved the theory of ‘Six degrees of separation’ in the context of Rasputin’s murder.  Those who are particularly curious about this may wish to read the following article and consider the possible link between The Blue Coat School and the named assassin, Oswald Rayner.

In the evening, it was a privilege to welcome Dr EA Rees to the school, who is Reader in Soviet History at the University of Birmingham.  He demonstrated that great teachers inspire their pupils through absolute passion for their subject, which was clear to see in the discussion that ensued during the final Q&A.  Thank you to all who attended the event.