This week we were delighted to welcome back to Blue Coat Mr Karl Hopwood of eSafety Ltd. He led our annual Online Safety Day and gave an excellent series of presentations: to our parents, to the children of Prep, and to the staff. As a School we believe that Online Safety education is a vital element of the curriculum and an essential part of our children’s development. 
With separate pupil presentations for Years 3&4 and Years 5&6, Mr Hopwood was able to pitch this material to the different audiences appropriately and this enabled the children to give their very candid views on growing up in an ever changing digital age. The children then went away with their tutors for a PHSE lesson on Online Safety, where they prepared questions to ask at a Q&A session in the afternoon.
Mr Hopwood was very impressed with the diverse questions, a few of which are listed here:
Why are they able to monitor the videos on YouTube Kids much better than on real YouTube? Jack,  Year 3
What is the best way to avoid being cyber bullied? Anjali and Zunaira, Year 4
How do you block people that you don’t want to be friends with anymore? Ehsan, Year 5
Could you explain what ‘cookies’ are and why they are constantly popping up when we look on line? Should we accept them? Gracie, Year 6
Mr Hopwood, an expert in the field of online safety education, took a sensibly non-alarmist approach to the whole subject. He stressed to us the many positives that our children experience by going online but focused on what the risks are that they face and what our parents can do to help and support their children. There was a healthy mixture of technical and practical measures.
A summary of practical advice and measures can be found on the school website:
Mr Hill