On Wednesday, 2M led the KS1 assembly on the theme of Preparation.  As the season of Advent will soon be upon us it was the ideal moment to think of themes from the Bible which showed the anticipation shown by many people.  We met Abraham and Isaac, King David and John the Baptist as well as some characters from the modern-day who already wanted to put up their Christmas tree.
Mrs McKenzie-Ward
2M Classteacher



Thank you 6G for a colourful and fun assembly on Thursday morning in chapel reminding us of the importance of PATIENCE. We were all invited to take part in a growing competition. Each house had to identify a fruit peel, a nut shell and a strange looking root. The clue …they are part of our Christmas festive foods! 6G reminded us that Christmas satsumas, walnuts and ginger have taken time to grow and that we must be patient in growing the good fruits in our lives. We sat quietly and listened to the story of Simeon and Anna who lived in the Temple and who had waited all their lives for the coming of Jesus their Saviour. At last they saw him with their own eyes …a tiny baby, just like a tiny seed. One day he would grow to be the Saviour of the World.

Thank you Miss Green and 6G …fabulous!