Do you know what happened next to Jesus after his birth in Bethlehem? Class 1S can tell you and hopefully some of Pre-prep can remember too. This is because on Wednesday 17 th January, Class 1S presented their assembly, Jesus – the boy. In it they shared through spoken word, acting and rhyme all about the boyhood of Jesus that is told in the Bible. We heard how Jesus was a boy like any ordinary boy, who grew up and went to school, enjoyed the skill of carpentry but also tried to learn as much as he could. They acted out how Jesus, aged 12, became lost for three days but was found meeting the teachers and leaders of the temple to ask and answer questions. Class 1S reminded everyone that we should be keen to learn and cheerfully try hard just like Jesus did. Thank you 1S for telling everyone the story so well with such clear voices and upbeat acting and prompting us to keep going in our endeavour to always try our best. Well done!

Mrs Straw