On Thursday 18th January, the Year 3 children were treated to a wonderful workshop, given by Dan, to gain an insight into how the Stone Age People lived.  They listened to Dan’s stories from when he lived as a Caveman for a month without things such as electricity, running water, Xbox one or even chocolate!!

The children heard about how the different tools were made, as well as how to catch an animal and use every part of it for tools, food and clothing.  They saw and felt the animal skins that the Stone Age people would have worn and learned how to make tools from the bones of the animals.

Tools were handled carefully and much discussion was echoing around the school hall as to which animal the skins belonged to!  Dressing up as Stone Age people from the three periods proved an entertaining experience.  We learned how the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age people learned from each other to enhance and improve the way they lived.

The children were taught how to make “fat lamps” out of clay, which were used to light the caves, and they learned how the light given off would make the cave paintings appear to move.  A prehistoric cinema?

This was a fabulous experience, thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff alike.  Thank you to Dan for his fun, interactive session, and for bringing the Stone Age alive to Blue Coat!


Mrs Walker


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