Like me, you have a favourite film. Sure you do. Everybody does. At the moment – and I wonder if Brexit is responsible – there seems to be a glut of films about our standing alone against the odds. I understand that Darkest Hour, with Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill, is compelling. ‘Dunkirk’ got rave reviews, and Brian Cox was exceptional as Churchill, too.  Those were the days: when a man could run the country drinking champagne for breakfast, and punctuating glasses of neat whisky with the fattest of numerous fat cigars!

Back to the silver screen. How many of my loyal readers have seen the film Ben Hur? Granted it’s a bit cheesy in places, but it contains scenes that live in the memory. One is the chariot race. The other is Charlton Heston‘s visit to the leper colony. The sight of men, women and children cowering away in caves, warding people off for fear of infecting them, is harrowing in the extreme. So, for me, the visit we had this week from Alister Du Plessis, of Leprosy Mission struck a very strong chord. It took me back to a moment of childhood watching this film with my Grandad. And it made me realise how lucky we all are to live in a part of the world which boasts a wonderful national health service. And where the threat of snow is far greater than that of serious disease. Alister’s talk gave us the opportunity to again reflect on our lives and be thankful for what we have. This service was enhanced further by the Chapel Choir, who – as has become customary –  sang beautifully.  A perfect end to a very busy and productive week here at BCS.

We have got off to a flying start with our first gymnastics event of the new year. Year 3 and 4 children displayed excellent composure and skill while competing in a range of disciplines.We really all enjoyed two positive swimming galas, against Eversfield and EHS. Once again the swimmers of BCS put in some great performances. This was a fine and encouraging start to 2018. I know that Mr Kelly was buoyed by the effort of all.  

This week also saw the launch of the BCS Science Fair. Our new initiative will challenge the Year 6 children’s curiosity, scientific knowledge and presentation skills. Children will be questioned on their final project by a number of teachers from our feeder schools. There will be an exhibition of the Science projects to view and to inspire later in the term. Good luck to all.

I must commend the children of Year 2 whom I met to discuss school life. Like their juniors the previous week, they were very articulate and very positive about their work. Many were the excellent points made for me to consider, and their stories were conveyed with great enthusiasm. This again made me think how lucky we are here. The government have announced the introduction of 35 English Hubs to try improve children’s reading and writing. They aim to boost literacy skills in 469 schools. There is no room for complacency here, but these two areas, already strong at Blue Coat, are in good hands.

Can I ask you all to remember and support The Friends’ Quiz night on Friday, 2 February. I hear that the new quiz masters have a few surprises in store for us all. Tickets will be on sale from Reception from Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!