On Tuesday 16th January, Year 6 pupils gained further insight into the effects of WW1 on the women of Britain through the eyes of Winifred Adams. Winifred began by working on a farm, joining the Land Army, making bullet shells in a munitions factory, working for the Postal Service, driving ambulances and finally working as a nurse on the front line. A mixture of active and ‘freeze frame’ dramatic scenes were created to bring the past to life.

Following Winifred’s visit, the children were joined by a WW1 soldier. Everyone was impressed with the chance to see a rifle and bullets and other items of a soldiers’ standard issue kit, such as an entrenching tool. Pupils tried to follow basic drill instructions with many even succeeding in turning the correct way on command! The children were also surprised to learn how close the opposing trenches were. Soldiers were ill-equipped for the rain (in their woollen uniforms) and in a gas attack only a spare pair of socks might save you…

“ I liked it because we were involved – acting out the roles”
“ It was interesting to touch real bullets and bandages!”
“It was fun because we covered a lot of different jobs for women at war”
“ It was good to get a different perspective – usually you just hear about what the men did in
the war”
“It was interesting, inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time”


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