After the success of the lecture evening on the subject of the October Revolution, the BCS Lecture Series has been launched, and another talk has been organised for the Lent Term on the topic of Richard III.  
Richard III remains one of the most controversial figures in English history. Traditionally viewed as a murderous tyrant, to others he is a wronged man betrayed by those who owed him their allegiance and by history. By taking a forensic look at key moments in his story, we will pick the events apart to try and find the man behind the many myths.
We welcome Mr Matthew Lewis to the Blue Coat School on Tuesday 6th March at 7.00pm to deliver the lecture ‘Richard III: Determined to prove the villain’.  Please click HERE to find out more about Matthew Lewis.
If you would like to attend this lecture please complete the following Google Form.  Please click HERE. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils may attend the lecture with parents.  
Mr Newman