Congratulations to the following Pre-Prep pupils who have achieved Head Teacher’s Awards. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 12th March 2018

Cheerfully Trying Hard

Katherine Matopoulou
Delara Raeiszadeh
Florence Horwitch-Smith
Isabel Poade
Stefan Claridge
2M Whole class

Showing Respect

Freya White
George Garner
Olivia Zhang

Good Work/Behaviour

Ava-Mae Crouch
Thomas Moody
James Tyler
Finn Burrell
Arya Bhala
Salmaan Mughal
Max Horwitch-Smith
Lucy Carberry
Hasan Riaz
Zayn Ahmed
Riyadh Rahman
Ria Upadhyay

Truthful and Kind

Zoe Dean
Diya Tripathi
Wilfred Crow-Marcetic