As I write, I can hear two girls talking animatedly outside my study window. Far be it from me to listen in to private conversations, but this one was unusually vibrant and excitable. Was it two Year 4 children eulogising about their trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace? Could they be reflecting on Helen Buckley’s Chapel talk? Maybe they were reliving our swimming success.

But no. It was none of these topics that were occupying their minds. The girls were looking ahead to this Friday. Why? Well, it’s disco evening of course. And a chance to hit the dance floor; to show off some dance moves and unwind after a diligent week’s work. For this week has been another very busy one. After the excitement of the music festival, the School focused on getting its head down and producing some excellent work.

Firstly, I must thank The Friends, in particular Shamaela Ahmed and Andrew Hodge for organising the Pre-Prep disco. It was a fun evening for children and parents alike. As I said earlier, this Friday it is the turn of Prep to dominate the dance floor. Before that, I must commend our swimmers once again, this time for winning the KES Invitational Cup. This season has surpassed all my expectations and we still have the IAPS and ESSA Nationals to come. Well done to all.

We are excelling on grass as well as in the water, with our Under 9 footballers proving victorious at the RGS The Grange tournament. Well done to all the boys for a great performance. I believe you played with great passion and pride. I would like to congratulate all our young sports people for representing the School this term. It is a pity that so many matches have fallen foul to the weather, but next term I am sure that you will have your chance to shine.

They might not have been tempted to talk about it outside my window, but I know how much Year 4 enjoyed their trip to Stratford on Monday. By visiting many places of interest, our young learners will be inspired with their Shakespearean studies in the future. A big thank you to all the staff, and in particular Mrs Barnes, for organising the trip.

On Tuesday, I was interviewed by Year 1 as they continued their studies on Scotland. Asked the question: What is your favourite Scottish drink? naturally, I replied, Irn Bru! It is really important to share our adult experiences with the children as it helps them to build comparisons and differences at an early age. Again, well done to all the staff: firstly for teaching the children about Scotland but secondly for their dedication to making the children’s learning come alive.

Finally, I must commend Helen Buckley for her really interesting talk in Chapel today.  It really reinforced what a leader needs to be, and made us all reflect on the way we as individuals must live our lives – as part of a team.

On Monday we welcome a new member to the Blue Coat team – our new School Nurse, Mrs McMulkin. We look forward to her starting and thank Mrs Maloney for holding the fort over the last few weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!