For this year’s Sport Relief we challenged ourselves to swim the distance between the School and Buckingham Palace, which is a little over 121 miles. Convert this into metres and our target became 195,900 metres, an incredible 7836 lengths of our pool!

Every member of staff and child from Year 1 through to Year 6 has had the opportunity to contribute to our challenge. After counting up the lengths, here are the results –

In Year 1, 1F managed 3,825m, 1V 3,875m and 1S 3,975m.

Year 2 clocked up the meterage with 2M swimming 4,850m, 2P 7,575m and 2K 8,775m.

Year 3 swum a total of 37,275m and Year 4 41,525m.

Higher on up in the school Year 5 completed 40,950m, and Year 6 42,250m.

Our school swimming squads swum a total of 18,150m.

The staff team consisting of Mrs Barrowclift, Miss Colvin, Miss Crews, Mrs Newman, Mrs Palmeri and Miss Ward managed a total of 12,575m.

Our total for the week is an incredible 225,600 metres. This equates to 9,024 lengths!

A massive well done to everyone at the school. We have surpassed our original target!

Mr Kelly